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Transition to GSA’s FAS Catalog Platform (FCP)

GSA started to transition Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contracts to the new FAS Catalog Platform (FCP).  The FAS Catalog Platform (FCP) is a web-based application that replaces and modernizes the Schedule Input Program (SIP) for vendors and CO Reporting System (CORS) for GSA workforce. The FAS Catalog Platform (FCP) integrates with the GSA eMod portal, GSA Advantage and eLibrary. Contractors will no longer have to complete a separate upload to publish changes.

If you received an email that your contract is transitioning, take the following steps to prepare for the transition:

  • Ensure Authorized Negotiators are up to date in GSA eMod as only authorized negotiators will be able to access the FAS Catalog Platform
  • Ensure current Shipping & Ordering Information is accurate and up to date (includes Minimum Order amount, Shipping Lead Time and Shipment Method of Payment for CONUS (48 contiguous states) and OCONUS (AK, HI PR)
  • Ensure your catalog on GSA Advantage is a complete and accurate representation of what is currently awarded to your contract

Important reminders:

  • All open modifications must be completed and closed at least 1 week prior to transition date
  • GSA Advantage catalog uploads completed at least 1 week prior
  • Any subsequent modification requests including Additions, EPA’s and Deletions cannot be submitted in the GSA eMod system until the Baseline modification is approved

Transitioning to FAS Catalog Platform includes:

  1. Seller Profile – bring contract & Advantage info into alignment and validate the seller profile within the first 10 days of FCP access
  2. Baseline Modification – authoritative representation of everything awarded to contract and published to GSA Advantage. Inititation of the baseline modification is expected to be completed within the first 30 days after approval of seller profile.

The FAS Catalog Platform currently does not support Contracts that use Zonal Pricing, Contracts that contain 4PL SIN, MAS contracts that offer Services, Contracts having a GSA-BPA based on them and currently managed thru SIP and/or published to GSA Advantage, Multiple contracts falling under a single UEI, Contracts with an upcoming 5-year option period and Contracts that expire before September 2025.

If you choose to opt-out of the FAS Catalog Platform (FCP), your contract will be removed from the transition pool.  You can expect to receive a new invitation to participate 60 days prior to your new transition date. Complete the opt-out form.

To learn more about the FCP, visit the FCP Help Page, check out GSA’s training videos and/or participate in one of the weekly FCP office hours. Please also visit our website here to find more information on the topic.

Do you have questions on the Transition to the new FAS Catalog Platform and how this might affect your GSA contract? Do you need help with the Seller Profile or Baseline Modification?  Please contact BH Sky for further information.  

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