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GSA Proposal Preparation

Do you have the necessary staff to write a GSA or VA proposal?
Do you need a Subject Matter Expert to review a proposal that has already been written?

  • BH Sky makes sure that every question is answered directly

  • BH Sky ensures all requirements are clearly met so as not to delay a decision
  • BH Sky certifies that all terms, conditions, and pricing are consistent with the solicitation

BH Sky’s Expertise Ensures that Your Company Submits the Highest Quality Offer.

Administrative Section

BH Sky Leverages its Extensive Experience to make what could be a Cumbersome Component of the GSA Proposal Process Simple. We Work Closely with Our Clients to Ensure these Tasks are Easily and Accurately Completed.

Technical Section

The Technical Section of the proposal
consists of four factors:

  • Corporate Experience
  • Project Experience
  • Past Performance
  • Quality Control

BH Sky’s Expertise Working with Clients in almost Every Industry Gives Us the Advantage of Knowing What each GSA Contract Officer (CO) is Looking For.

Pricing Section

BH Sky Performs the Research to Help You Price Your Products and/or Services Competitively. We Advise Clients to Report Exactly what GSA is Looking for Without Divulging More Information than their Competition.

Proposal Submission

GSA Information Requests

Contact BH Sky today to speak to a government contract specialist and receive a FREE initial phone consultation at 866.468.7420 or email us.