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GSA FAS Catalog Platform (FCP)

The FAS Catalog Platform (FCP) pilot began with contractors holding the Office Supplies 4th Generation (OS4) Special Item Number (SIN) 339940OS4.  The pilot is being followed by a phased transition of all Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contractors, starting with MAS product catalogs. 

On June 13, 2023 GSA notified all GSA MAS Contractors about the upcoming transition to the new FAS Catalog Platform (FCP) to begin in Fiscal Year 2024. The FAS Catalog Platform (FCP) will replace the Schedule Input Program (SIP) with a modern, web-based application that makes it easier to keep catalogs up to date, compliant and competitive.   SIP will retire once all users are moved to the new FCP.

The FAS Catalog Platform (FCP), previously the Common Catalog Platform, will integrate contract and catalog management workflow in GSA eMod, use a new Product File and automatically provide a compliance and pricing report for Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) items during submission process to streamline negotiations.

In order to access the new FAS Catalog Platform (FCP) you must be listed as an Authorized Negotiator.  All GSA MAS Contractors are encouraged to review and update current Authorized Negotiators.  To access the FAS Catalog Platform (FCP), contractors will use the FAS ID log-in which is the same credential used to access GSA MAS portals such as eOffer, eMod, eBuy, the Sales Reporting Portal (SRP) and the Mass Mod Portal. 

GSA recommends a full GSA Advantage catalog upload in order to move catalog data to GSA’s Authoritative Catalog Repository (ACR).  If you have not submitted a full catalog replacement file since October 2022, GSA recommends an upload after your next contract modification.

Related resources on the FAS Catalog Platform (FCP) include the FCP User Guide, FCP Catalog Actions Quick Reference Guide and FCP Training Videos.

Please contact BH Sky for guidance on completing the form, reviewing and updating Authorized Negotiators and submitting a full catalog replacement file.