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From A to Z (Apples to Zippers) the list of items the government purchases is long and large. BH Sky and its staff of GSA experts are prepared to assist you. We know the ropes to take you to the top. BH Sky knows where the obstacles and boulders are that block the path to government sales opportunities. We know how to avoid or surmount them. Our core service assists businesses to acquire GSA and VA Schedule Contracts and manage those contracts. We also work with companies to identify new opportunities in federal, state, and local government agencies.

With demand by the government for products and services not as sensitive to the economy as other sectors and federal spending for products and services over $500 billion annually, obtaining a GSA Schedule Contract and maintaining that contract are recommended for businesses large and small.

However, navigating that process can be a time consuming, tedious, and confusing process. BH Sky assists companies to increase their sales opportunities to the government by providing turnkey service for GSA Schedule Contracts.

GSA Schedules Consolidation

The GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Transformation Initiative is consolidating 24 Multiple Award Schedules into one single Schedule for products, services and solutions in order to modernize and simplify the buying and selling experience for customers, suppliers and acquisition professionals. GSA’s new single Schedule solicitation features a simplified format with streamlined terms and conditions, new large categories and sub-categories, and updated Special Item Numbers (SINs) that will make it easier for contractors to offer, and agency partners to buy products, services, and solutions. This initiative provides consistency in the program, makes it easier for customers to find total solutions under one contract vehicle, ensures terms and conditions meet customer needs, and eliminates duplicate contracts.

BH Sky can help guide you through the new solicitation and modification process. Have questions on how the consolidation of Schedules affects your contract? Whether pursuing a new Schedule or preparing a streamlined offer for an expiring contract, BH Sky services guide you seamlessly through the consolidation process. Contact a GSA Schedule Advisor today. Read more on our blog GSA Schedules Consolidation.

Recent Blog Posts

GSA is piloting a new Robomod process to ensure that products awarded on Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contracts and displayed on GSA Advantage! are only offered by authorized sellers. Per clause I-FSS-644, MAS contractors can only offer and sell products that have been authorized under the manufacturer’s supplier authorization program.


The General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) issued Refresh # 10 for the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Solicitation 47QSMD20R0001.

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