Government Contract Consulting Services

Who is Eligible to Buy from GSA Schedule Contracts?

Eligible buyers include executive agencies, federal agencies, mixed-ownership government corporations, state and local governments, District of Columbia and tribal governments.

Government Contract Consulting

BH Sky Associates, a national government consulting company helps businesses effectively position and market their products and services to the government by securing, negotiating and marketing GSA Schedule Contracts, the most widely used government contracts.

How to Obtain and Manage GSA Contracts

Helping To Keep Your GSA Contract Up To Date

We prepare, upload, submit and negotiate GSA Contract Modifications via GSA eMod to keep your products, services, solutions and labor
categories current.

Helping to secure your new GSA contract

We assess if the GSA / VA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) is the right fit for your product or service, prepare and submit the proposal, advise on pricing
strategies, and negotiate the contract award.

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GSA Advantage Photo file requirement – make your products stand out!
GSA is actively rejecting Advantage catalog files that include company logos instead of valid product photos. Ensuring your products have clear, high-quality photos helps your products stand out.
GSA Extends Moratorium on EPA Increases and Minimum Sales Requirements
GSA recently released an update to their previously published moratoriums on certain EPA increases as well as the minimum sales requirements…
GSA releases MAS Solicitation Refresh # 13 Mass Modification A847
The General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) issued Refresh # 13 for the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Solicitation 47QSMD20R0001. Outlined below are the changes associated with Refresh 13 and the Mass Modificati…

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