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GSA Schedule Program Updates

The General Services Administration has recently made several updates to their GSA Schedules program.  Among them are (i) enhancements to allow the submittal of duplicate Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPNs) and (ii) providing pre-notifications of solicitation refreshes.

Duplicate MPN Enhancements

The GSA’s goal is to ensure that not only are entries being submitted complete to GSA Advantage!, but that they are also accurate.  On November 23rd, 2015, the GSA allowed the duplication of Manufacturer Part Numbers to GSA Advantage!.  This change eradicated the necessity to alter MPNs due to the numerous identical MPNs used by various manufacturers.  With the establishment of these new updates (Clauses I-FSS-600 Contract Price Lists and 552.238-71 Submission and Distribution of Authorized FSS Schedule Price Lists), the regulations, terms and conditions under under which a product price list must be submitted are now well defined. Some of these conditions include having finalized price lists that are substantiated with detailed product information and figures.  However, service contracts and those containing ancillary products are not subject these clauses.  These changes have effectively enhanced customers’ ability to conduct data searches and comparatively buy products.  For additional information on how to properly submit your product price list click here.

Notifications of MAS Solicitation Refresh Now Posted on Interact

The GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) is now providing pre-notifications of Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) solicitation refresh changes as of November 2015.  These changes are now being made available on GSA Interact one month prior to the enactment of the refresh.  Clauses set to be included in this change consist of the Commercial Supplier Agreement (CSA) Deviation clauses, Continuous Contracts Clauses, and Streamlined Offer Requirements clauses.  However, these notifications will only be made available contingent on individual schedules and when they need to be applied. For more information regarding MAS solicitation refresh notifications click here.

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