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GSA Opens Federal Acquisition Gateway for Public Access

The Acquisition Gateway is an online portal created by the General Services Administration (GSA) that aids federal government buyers from various agencies find information more quickly and make the overall contracting experience simpler.  GSA started constructing and fine-tuning their site in 2014, with full support from the White House, and since then has made drastic strides to reach their overall goal. The main goal of the Acquisition Gateway is to unite all agencies into a single acquisition community and increase the amount of positive outcomes during the acquisition process. The site is broken down into 10 different pages/categories called “hallways” that provide market-research tools, templates, articles, and prices-paid data.

The Acquisition Gateway Public Access

On February 5th, 2016, the GSA opened a portion of the Acquisition Gateway to the public in an effort to promote competition and growth.  The acting director of Strategy Management for GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service, Laura Stanton, stated that, “Operational transparency is one of the Gateway’s underlying principles, and a public view has been part of the Gateway plan since day one.”  Click here to read more of Stanton’s statement. Some of the hallways that will now be available to the public include: the Project Center, News and Events feeds, and the Contribute and Share button. Tom Sharpe, the commissioner of the GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service, stated that, “The public will have access to as much of the Acquisition Gateway as possible and will experience the same user-centric design as federal users.”  Sharpe, along with several other federal offices and agencies, assured that the opening of the Acquisition Gateway will in no way release any private information to the public.  To read Sharpe’s full statement click here

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