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GSA Condenses the Professional Services Schedule SINs

Last year there was a significant change in the way the General Services Administration (GSA) Special Item Numbers (SINs) were organized when the Professional Services Schedule (PSS) was created.  Tiffany Hixson, the GSA Regional Commissioner and Professional Services Category Executive, stated that “…the new PSS contract provides access to the same professional services that GSA has always offered but in one easier to use contract environment.  Additionally, for both industry and GSA, the new single PSS eliminates significant contract duplication and workload previously associated with negotiating, administering, and auditing multiple contracts.”

It was estimated that the 5,000+ contracts would be reduced by about 30% and would decrease GSA administrative costs. To see more of Hixson’s statement click here.

Effects of the PSS in 2016

In 2015 eLibrary was required to duplicate SINs such as 520-1 and C 520-1 (Program Financial Advisor) due to the condensing of seven Schedule programs into the new PSS.  As of January 1st, 2016, any SINs with a “C” designator were eliminated in order for agency customers to find industry partners in a more concise manner. Any contracts that contained SIN “C” designators were adjusted to reflect this change. However, there are a few exceptions; only SINs that are used as a part of a whole solution, also classified as “complementary,” will contain a “C” designation. Examples of these exceptions include IT services and energy services.

For a complete list of PSS program SINs visit the PSS portal page here to view resources for both customers and contractors..

Find Out How BH Sky Can Help Manage Your GSA Contract

For more information on the new PSS SIN classifications and how to manage your GSA Contract contact BH Sky directly by calling 866-468-7420 or email.