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GSA Releases Notice for all Packaged Furniture Contractors

After the recent release of MAS solicitation Refresh # 16 with associated Mass Mod A856 all contractors on the Packaged Furniture Subcategory must take immediate action.

Effective May 19, 2023, the maximum order threshold (MOT) under the Packaged Furniture Subcategory has been changed to $250,000 (previously $5 million). The impacted SINs are 33721P, 337121P, 337127P, and 339113P.

If any of the impacted SINs are awarded on your GSA MAS Contract, the following actions are immediately required

  1. Review and accept Mass Modification A856 for MAS Solicitation Refresh # 16
  2. Update section 2 under “Customer Information” of the FSS /Terms and Conditions Pricelist document to reflect the new maximum order threshold
  3. Upload the FSS Pricelist to GSA eLibrary

More information regarding the application of the Maximum Order Threshold can be found  on the MAS Schedules Features page of and GSAM 552.238-81 – Price Reductions.

Please contact BH Sky for assistance with reviewing and accepting Mass Modification A856, updating the FSS Pricelist and uploading to GSA eLibrary.

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