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BH Sky Associates Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

BH Sky Associates is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.  With a background in government sales, Michelle Hermelee founded BH Sky in January 2006. With many small companies struggling to do business with the government, Michelle saw a need to provide step-by-step guidance, consulting, information, and training to guide companies successfully through navigating the government procurement system.


The mission of BH Sky is to help clients identify, negotiate, secure, market and manage procurement opportunities and government contracts.  It is the only local company in New Jersey that specializes in General Services Administration/Department of Veterans Affairs (GSA/VA) Schedule Contracts and Government Market-Intelligence to maximize your profits.  With our automated Bid Notice Service and specialized expertise in government contracting, BH Sky gives business owners a competitive edge in the complex world of procurement.  For small and medium sized companies who do not have the staffing resources to both track and manage GSA Contracts, BH Sky takes that weight off of their shoulders and provides them with the resources they need.  The Federal Government is spending upwards of $500 billion dollars annually for the purchase of products and services and BH Sky wants to make sure that your business’ products are a part of those dollars.

There are more and more qualifications that business can apply for including: Veteran Owned, Small Business, Women Owned, HUB Zone, and SBA 8(a).  With the Government condensing schedules, moving towards public transparency, and pre-notification of schedule modifications, the world of GSA Contracts is ever changing.  BH Sky will make sure that your business qualifies for every possible category they can to make obtaining your contract that much easier.


Today BH Sky’s staff includes former Federal Government Contracting Officers and associates with expertise in state and local contracting.  BH Sky’s wide range of services will help your company along the process from steps A to Z.  Along with our highly qualified staff, BH Sky partners with OnviaTM, a leading bid notification service, who offers targeted access to over 6,000 new opportunities daily.  This service notifies clients daily of new opportunities at all levels of government through a personalized search based on several different categories specifically geared towards their business. Once a company identifies an opportunity that is a match for their products and/or services, we can assist them in both preparing and submitting their proposal.  Upon the award of a contract, BH Sky can also manage their contract and prepare modifications when necessary.

Find Out How BH Sky Can Help Your Company Increase Government Sales Opportunities

For more information on how BH Sky can help your company increase government sales opportunities as well as more easily manage their government contracts, contact BH Sky directly by calling 866-468-7420 or email.