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Attention GSA Schedule 36 Contractors: NEW SIN 51 600 (Records Management)

GSA Schedule 36, the Office Imaging and Document Solution, provides Government agencies with office imaging, document management, and mail management solutions.  On October 1, 2017 the General Services Administration plans to issue a solicitation refresh to add a new Special Item Number (SIN) to Schedule 36, SIN 51 600 Electronic Records Management (ERM) Solutions.

About SIN 51 600

SIN 51 600 vendors provide a comprehensive capability to solve the complex challenges posed by the movement, manipulation, archiving, security, and management of electronic records.  They will offer professional management and administrative support personnel with the necessary skills to perform effective record management services for both classified and/or unclassified records.  Vendor services are provided using either Government or vendor equipment and facilities or a combination of both.  The objective of SIN 51 600 is to offer electronic access, maintenance, control, storage, disposition, and transfer of electronic records.  The SIN also includes any ancillary supplies and/or services necessary to provide a total electronic records management solution.

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)’s Requirements Working Group (RWG) created the Universal ERM Requirements to provide standards for agencies and existing Lines of Business to manage their electronic records; help vendors determine capabilities for the Electronic Records Management (ERM) tools; and help agencies identify the best tools to procure for their needs.

Next Steps for Schedule Contract Holders

  1.  On Oct 1st, review and accept the GSA mass mod which will incorporate changes into existing GSA contracts.
  2.  Complete the ERM Vendor Capability Certification in order to certify your specific ERM capabilities.  This applies only to SIN 51 600   Electronic Records Management Solutions.
  3.  Review the eleven elements of ERM services established and administered by NARA and identify the elements that you wish to add to your GSA Contract.
  4.  Certify that you are capable of meeting all standards described in the solicitation and the Universal Electronic Records Management  Requirements.
  5.  Add the certification to your published GSA Advantage catalog to illustrate your ERM capabilities.
  6.  Prepare and submit a contract modification request to add SIN 51 600.

Find Out How BH Sky Can Help You Add the New SIN 51 600 to Your Schedule 36 Contract

For more information on how BH Sky Associates can help you add SIN 51 600 to your Schedule 36 Contract, contact BH Sky directly by calling 866-468-7420 or email.