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New Pilot Removes Products Offered by Unauthorized Suppliers on GSA Advantage!

GSA is piloting a new Robomod process to ensure that products awarded on Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contracts and displayed on GSA Advantage! are only offered by authorized sellers. Per clause I-FSS-644, MAS contractors can only offer and sell products that have been authorized under the manufacturer’s supplier authorization program.

Contractors are responsible for ensuring compliance with clause I-FSS-644 throughout the life of the MAS contract. Offering unauthorized products on MAS contracts and GSA Advantage! is a contract compliance issue that may result in corrective action. 

Unauthorized MAS contractors will be identified based on information from the Verified Products Portal (VPP). The VPP is GSA’s official source for supplier authorization information and allows GSA to obtain supplier authorization data directly from participating manufacturers and their authorized partners. 

This new process will improve GSA’s supply chain by: 

  • reducing the risk that customers purchase counterfeit, fraudulent, or otherwise illegitimate products;
  • promoting fair competition in the federal marketplace; and
  • improving customers’ ability to purchase with confidence


In accordance with clause I-FSS-644 Products Offered and Sold by Vendors Other Than the ManufacturerGSA will notify impacted MAS contractors if VPP data indicates a discrepancy regarding their supplier authorization for certain awarded products. GSA will provide a list of the identified unauthorized products at that time. 

Contractors will have 30 days to dispute the discrepancy if necessary. GSA will take action to remove identified unauthorized products from the MAS contract and GSA Advantage! after the end of this 30-day period.


Review the manufacturers and products listed on GSA Advantage to ensure compliance with clause I-FSS-644.

Manufacturers and wholesalers who are interested in improving the representation of their commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) products in the federal marketplace should visit to learn more about the VPP.

If you have questions on Clause I-FSS-644, authorized suppliers, Letter of Supply or the Verified Products Portal (VPP), please contact BH Sky.

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