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GSA FAS ID was created as part of GSA’s overall IT modernization effort to support security and provide a solution that is legally recognized internationally.  FAS ID is a secure, centralized identity management system that lets contractors access many GSA applications using a single email and password.  The GSA FAS ID uses Multi-Factor Authentication that meets the National Institute of Standards of Technology requirements for secure validation and authentication.  GSA FAS ID has already been implemented on other FAS systems: FAS Sales Reporting Portal (SRP), GSA Advantage Purchase Order Portal, GSA Vendor Portal, Mass Mod Portal and GSA eBuy.

GSA eBuy Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) login will no longer use a contract number.  Instead, each Point of Contact (POC) for a contract will need to login using your email address associated with the GSA FAS ID and password.

GSA Mass Mod Portal Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) removes the digital certification requirement and only authorized negotiators can sign mass mods.  PINS are no longer needed for Mass Mod review and acceptance.


GSA’s eOffer and eMod system will transition on November 30, 2020 to use DocusSign to digital sign documents in eOffer and eMod.  GSA will transition to GSA’s FAS ID Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in late Q2 of FY 2021.


During the DocuSign transition period November 25-29, 2020 you will not be able to submit new offers and requests for modifications in eOffer and eMod.  However, you will be able to initiate new and work on in process offers and modification requests.  GSA cannot have any partially signed documents during the transition. All documents pending signature must be signed by the contracting officer and contractor/offeror no later than Nov. 23, 2020.

Until GSA fully transitions to DocuSign and GSA FAS ID, digital certificates will be required to access eOffer and eMod. While digital certificates will not be needed for these applications after the transition, you may still need to maintain your digital certificates for other government and non-government customers.


Review and update the Authorized Negotiators on your Contract. For an updated list of the current Contract Administrator and all Authorized Negotiators on your contract, contact BH Sky for support. 

When logging into a system that requires a GSA FAS ID:

  • Click the “Login” button
  • Enter a valid GSA FAS ID email address and password
  • Depending on the verification code method chose, follow the instructions
  • Enter the verification code provided.  Note the verification code is only valid for 30 minutes
  • If using email make sure that MFA-No-Reply+noreply@ is in your safe senders list

If you do not already have a login, click “Register” and follow the instructions.  If any questions, contact BH Sky for support.

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