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GSA Waives MAS Experience & Financial Requirements

The General Services Administration (GSA) recently released a memorandum to temporarily waive certain requirements for offers under the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) program in order to better support the Government’s response to COVID-19.  The memo waives the following requirements for both new Offerors and current GSA Contractors adding new products, services or solutions:

  • 2 Years of Corporate Experience
  • 2 Years of Financial Statements
  • 1 Project Experience per Special Item Number (SIN)

The memo is effective 2/24/2021 and will remain in effect until rescinded by GSA.  The memo also directs GSA Contracting Officers to identify and follow-up with any MAS offerors rejected within the past ninety (90) days for not meeting the solicitation requirements covered by this temporary waiver.

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