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GSA Advantage Photo file requirement – make your products stand out!

In an effort to improve the buyer experience, reduce buyer confusion and returns, GSA has been cracking down on GSA Advantage photo file requirements for contractors selling products on GSA MAS Contracts. GSA is actively rejecting Advantage catalog files that include company logos instead of valid product photos. Ensuring your products have clear, high-quality photos helps your products stand out.

GSA Advantage Photo file requirements and best practices:

  • Provide multiple photos per product or accessory to show different views.
  • Your photos should be well-fit, crisp and clear, and show the entire product where the product takes up to 80% of the photo area.
  • Photos should be at least 500×500 pixels but we recommend they be at least 800×800 pixels in size for detail viewing.  Note – GSA Advantage will create thumbnails of your images.
  • Photos must be in either JPG or GIF format.  
  • Maximum photo size is 1MB (file size cannot be 0).
  • Maximum file name size is 80 characters and should contain only letters, numbers and underscores.
  • Photos are encouraged and should be product specific, not logos or generic images.

To find out if the Special Item Number (SIN) on your contract requires photos, check out the MAS Schedule Photo Lookup table.

More Information:

Do you have questions on how to add, update or upload photos to items approved on your GSA contract? Please contact BH Sky for further information.

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