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UPDATE: GSA Announces New Procedure for the FAS Sales Reporting Portal

On November 6th, 2018, a posting on GSA Interact announced that GSA will be shutting down the legacy 72A Reporting System, which is currently used for reporting MAS Sales (non-TDR) and IFF remittance.  The Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) Sales Reporting Portal (SRP), which was initially created to support the new Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) monthly reporting needs, will soon be replacing the tenured 72A system.  GSA intends to transition more than 14,000 contracts into the FAS SRP via a three-phase implementation process.  As the 72A Reporting System is scheduled to be shutdown sometime during 2019, GSA has now begun to prepare industry for the migration.  In an email sent out to all contractors on February 22nd, 2019, GSA announced that verification of all Administrative Points of Contact will be necessary, by April 1st, 2019, in order to have access to the FAS SRP.  In addition, GSA quietly, and somewhat cryptically, announced that the current digital certificate requirement for login will be replaced by a multi-factor authentication process.  However, GSA did not disclose when this change would take place or what new credentials will be required – only that it would be in place prior to the transition.

The Verification Process

  1. Change requests for the Administrative Representative can be sent directly to your Administrative Contracting Office (ACO) via email.  However, the ACO can only update the Administrative Representative to an Authorized Negotiator who is currently awarded on the contract.
  2. Changes to the list of Authorized Negotiators or Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) Point of Contact must be made through an Administrative Modification Request via eMod.

To find out who your ACO is, please visit the Vendor Support Center ACO/IOA Locator.

GSA will be soon be sharing detailed instructions & guides to help contractors through the registration process.  In the meantime, any questions regarding the transition can be sent to

Find Out How BH Sky Can Help You Transition to the FAS Sales Reporting System

For more information on how BH Sky Associates can help you verify your Administrative Points of Contact, modify your contract, and prepare for the transition to the FAS SRP, contact BH Sky directly by calling 866-468-7420 or email.