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New Offers and existing contract support for the TXMAS Program and TxSmartBuy

The Statewide Procurement Division’s (SPD) Texas Multiple Award Schedule (TXMAS) Program establishes TXMAS contracts from existing competitively awarded, government contracts such as GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contracts.  Texas SmartBuy is an online order system used by state and local government buyers to find and order commodities and services.

To apply for a new TXMAS Contract, ensure you meet the following criteria –

  1. Hold an existing competitively awarded base contract from a government agency with a minimum of one year remaining
  2. Fit within scope of TXMAS Program
  3. Base contract must be for general use and not specific to a geographical location or limited to a specific entity
  4. Pricing must be verifiable through GSA Advantage, Vendor’s website or contracting agency’s website
  5. Base Contract sales in the most recent 12 months
  6. Offer FOB Destination, required for all commodities contracts
  7. All terms must mirror the base contract

In order to apply for a new TXMAS Contract, complete the TXMAS Offer Packet Application, provide all required documentation and complete the TXMAS Catalog Template.  The TXMAS SmartBuy Catalog is used to create and publish your contract items on the Texas SmartBuy (TSB) online order system for state agencies and local governments to search for and purchase contract items. 

If you have an existing TXMAS Contract and need to make adjustments – update the Texas SmartBuy Catalog template following specific instructions to indicate changes (deletion, pricing, technical, additions, etc.) and provide your TXMAS Contract Manager with a copy of your GSA MAS Contract SF30 reflecting the proposed adjustments.

More information Statewide Contracts (

BH Sky Associates can help you prepare a New TXMAS Offer, populate the TXMAS SmartBuy Template Catalog from your GSA MAS Contract meeting all mandatory requirements and update your existing TXMAS Contract.  Contact us today to learn more.