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Recent Changes to GSA Schedule Solicitations


The Government Services Administration (GSA) has recently began enforcing a number of changes to their procurement process.  Three of the key changes to this process are highlighted in this article.

Full Products and Broad Services Offerings

The offeror must provide a full and broad offering on services and/or products.  GSA will not accept offers with only limited item/offering (product, labor category, training course, or fixed-price service) unless it represents a total solution for the Special Item Numbers (SINs).

Fair and Reasonable Pricing

To determine fair and reasonable pricing, the GSA Contracting Officer may consider many factors, including pricing on competitor contracts, historical pricing, and currently available pricing in other venues.  Offers which provide Most Favored Customer pricing, but which are not highly competitive will not be found fair and reasonable and will not be accepted by GSA.

Manufacturer’s Part Number

Offeror must ensure the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Manufacturer Part Number or Wholesaler Number for each product proposed reflects the actual part number assigned. If the OEM, Manufacturer, or Wholesaler Part Number is submitted incorrectly or not submitted, the product offering will not be awarded.

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