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Prepare for Upcoming Mass Modification: Mass Mod Release Schedule

The Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Consolidation Mass Mod will be released during the next two-weeks.

What to do BEFORE you sign the mass mod:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Available Offerings Attachment and understand where your SINs will map under the new MAS structure.
  2. Look at your North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes in compared to the Available Offerings Attachment and make sure you have the appropriate NAICS listed in in.
  3. Understand the terms and conditions you are agreeing to under the Mass Mod.
  4. Understand and catalog any exceptions that you take in your current Schedule. If you intend to keep any exceptions to the standard terms and conditions, you will need to resubmit exceptions as part of this Mass Mod.
  5. If you are in the process of exercising an option for your Schedule contract, please consult with your GSA Contracting Officer or Contract Specialist prior to accepting the Mass Mod.
  6. Make sure you do not have any pending Add or Delete SIN mods.

    What to keep in mind when SIGNING the Mass Mod:

    1. You must respond to every clause. 
    2. If you hold multiple GSA Schedule Contracts, you must sign the Mass Mod for each.
    3. Your contract number and period of performance will not change.
    4. The items on your contract will not change.

    Actions needed AFTER the Mass Mod is signed:

    1. Make sure you’re showing up in eLibrary under the new MAS vehicle.
    2. Confirm that your SINs have migrated properly – cross reference them by using the Available Offerings Attachment.
    3. If you have any of the following SINs that are mapping to more than one new SIN, you will need to work with your CO/CS to delete any new SINs that you do not need. The legacy SINs that map to more than one new SIN are 096 4N, 096 3N, 874 4, 096 2N, 871 1, 871 2, 871 3, 871 4, 871 211.
    4. After signing the Mass Mod, contractors offering products will need to take action in SIP to initiate a “merge” of the SINs. Contractors using EDI will need to submit a revised catalog. All Schedule holders will need to update their catalog text file organizing their contract offerings under the new SIN structure within 30 days of accepting Mass Mod. The catalog text file should be in accordance with clause I-FSS-600 Contract Price List.  Contractors that offer products and have legacy SINs that map from 1 to 2 or more legacy SINs (e.g., 096 4N, 096 3N, 874 4, 096 2N, 871 1, 871 2, 871 3, 871 4, 871 211) may be impacted by the automatic migration and will not be able to use the “merge” feature in SIP.  Impacted vendors will need to submit new SIP files to properly realign products and services under the new SINs and avoid duplication.
    5. Update any marketing materials to include the new Schedule name, Schedule number, Large Category, Subcategory, and SIN structure (e.g., company website, capability statements, quote templates, etc.).

    What to Expect next: 

    • Expect to receive an email between January 31 to February 14, 2020
    • Response is required by July 31, 2020; failure to review and accept will result in your contract being removed from the GSA eTools (eLibrary, Advantage, eBuy eOffer, eMod).

    Need Help?

    Contact a BH Sky GSA Contract Schedule expert today for assistance via email or phone 866.468.7420.