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Important Changes to GSA’s Professional Services Schedules

There are important upcoming changes to the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) Professional Services Schedules.  One of the key changes is to move certain concordant Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) offerings into one Professional Services Schedule.

Currently there is overlap in the scope of a number of GSA schedules that address professional services, which has caused confusion about which schedule is the best fit for a federal agency’s needs.  Also total solutions may involve SINs across multiple schedules, further complicating the procurement process.  The GSA FAS solution is to move the various Professional Services SINs into a single schedule.  The Consolidated Schedule will be the contract structure used to create the new Professional Services Schedule.  These changes are expected to achieve the following

  • Improve the efficiency of existing contracts
  • Reduce the number of schedules managed and solicited
  • Reduce administrative costs associated with negotiating, managing, administering and auditing professional services contracts, and
  • Reduce redundancy when a company with an existing contract wants to submit another offer for professional services. For example, companies will be able to modify an existing contract, as opposed to submitting a separate offer

What to Expect?

The following Schedules are planned to be moved under the new Professional Services Schedule according to the milestones explained on GSA Interact, with the first migration expected on December 31st, 2014 and the total transition to be substantially completed by November 1st of 2015.  Existing schedules will be closed to new offers beginning February 28th, 2015.

  • Consolidated (00CORP)
  • MOBIS (874)
  • PES (871)
  • FABS (520)
  • AIMS (541)
  • LOGWORLD (874V)
  • Environmental (899)
  • Language (738II)

GSA will also be removing non Professional Service SINs from the Consolidated Schedule as follows:

  • Non Professional Service SINs on the Consolidated Schedule WITH NO SALES will be eliminated with the exception of IT (70) (SIN C132-51) and HR (738X) (SIN C595-21).  These SINs will NOT be affected by this change.
  • Non Professional Service SINs WITH SALES will be moved to another suitable Schedule and GSA will work with affected contractor’s to make sure that any existing task orders are unaffected or can be completed as necessary to make the change

The Results

All the non Professional Service contracts that are migrated to the new Schedule will receive new contracts with a five year performance contract period and three, five-year option periods.  Existing contracts which are migrated to the new Professional Services Schedule will not have their contract numbers, performance period, terms, or conditions changed.  Additionally, there will be no change to SIN designations for all affected Schedules (with the exception of the Consolidated Schedule which will no longer carry the “C” designation for SINs other than C132-51 and C595-21).

GSA states that both federal agencies and industry are important stakeholders in this initiative and that they will use GSA Interact, social media, industry days, association forums, and agency roundtables as channels for input and feedback.  Questions regarding this initiative can be forwarded to GSA via email at or you can contact BH Sky Associates directly for immediate assistance by calling 866.468.7420.


 About BH Sky

BH Sky Associates,  based in Princeton, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C., helps clients identify, negotiate, secure, market and manage procurement opportunities and contracts at federal, state, and local levels of government.  It is New Jersey’s only company specializing in GSA/VA Schedule Contracts and Government Market Intelligence.  BH Sky offers professional consulting services to small and mid-size companies in a wide range of industries seeking to do business with the government.  For more information, view our videos or contact us directly by phone 866.468.7420 or or email.