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How to Get a GSA Schedule Contract

A General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule Contract enables a business to sell their products and services to the Federal Government through a pre-negotiated IDIQ contract with a base five years and three five year options to extend.  Having a GSA Schedule Contract opens doors to do business with the government.  A GSA Schedule Contract is a license to hunt!  The purpose of this post is to provide a high-level rundown of the steps involved in getting a GSA Schedule Contract.

1) Determine Eligibility for the GSA Schedule Program

First step is to identify if the products and services you offer fit within the scope of a GSA Schedule Contract.  For example, there are GSA Schedule Contracts for everything from furniture to IT to environmental remediation.  Within each of those schedules are different categories, referred to as Special Item Numbers (SIN’s).  Your offering must fit within scope of a GSA Schedule and a SIN.

Next step is to identify the demand.  Is the federal government purchasing the products/services you Offer?  What is the size of the potential market?  Are you aware of opportunities in the pipelines if your company were to get a GSA Schedule Contract?

Competitive pricing is a critical requirement.  You must be able to justify that your rates are fair and reasonable in the market and in line with competition for products and services proposed.

Not sure if your company is eligible?  Need help to determine if the products and services you offer fit within scope?  Do not know the demand or market pricing for your products and services?  Contact BH Sky for a GSA Pre-assessment.

2) Prepare and Submit the Proposal

After you determine eligibility – download and read the current Solicitation from FedBizOpps.  Preparing the proposal includes three components – administrative, technical, and pricing, in accordance with solicitation requirements.

The Administrative Proposal consists of a variety of documents, such as the System for Award Management (SAM) Registration, Readiness Assessment, Pathways to Success, and Financials.  Also a digital certificate is required.  The Technical Proposal is a narrative describing your corporate experience, quality control and project experience.  The Pricing Proposal, the meat of your proposal, requires you to itemize every product and service your company intends to offer using a specified format along with supporting documentation on the proposed rates and your company’s commercial discounting practices.

Your proposal must then be uploaded and submitted electronically on the GSA eMod website.

3) Clarification and Negotiation with Contracting Officer

Once submitted, your proposal will be assigned to a GSA Contracting Officer (CO) who will review all documents and contact you to clarify various parts of your proposal.  Upon completion of the review and clarification process, you’ll negotiate pricing, terms and conditions with the CO.  After negotiations are complete, GSA will make a decision on awarding your business a GSA Schedule Contract.

Awarded a GSA Schedule Contract!  Now what?  In the next post we will discuss what must be done to keep your contract compliant and begin generating sales.

Find Out How BH Sky Can Help You Get a GSA Contract

For more information on how BH Sky Associates can help you get a GSA Schedule Contract, contact BH Sky directly by calling 866-468-7420 or email.