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GSA Seeking Industry Feedback to Create New Cloud Computing SIN Under IT Schedule 70

Earlier this month, Maynard Crum, the Acting Director of the Office of Strategic Programs at the GSA’s Office of Integrated Technology Services, posted a Request for Information (RFI) seeking industry feedback on the creation of a new Special Item Number (or SIN) for Cloud Computing through the IT Schedule 70 program.


The IT Schedule 70 Program already includes Cloud computing services; however, the offerings may be coupled with other IT provider services. GSA is seeking to learn more about how industry partners are selling and utilizing the current cloud computing services in an effort to differentiate the various types of cloud offerings, centralize and simplify these offerings, as well as further develop and increase the access and availability of current services in keeping with the vision of the OMB’s “Cloud First” policy.

The “Cloud First” policy, is the Office of Management and Budget’s strategy to reform it’s agencies IT services in order to avail itself of Cloud computing services power and benefits to achieve optimal utilization of infrastructure. Cloud Computing helps industry scale up or down according to the needs of a rapidly changing business environment. Cloud services also provide shared resources, infrastructure, platforms, ready-to-use applications, and storage solutions which can greatly enhance and extend your IT capabilities and lower costs.  By seeking industry feedback on Cloud computing services under a single SIN, the Office of IT Schedule Programs can streamline its offerings and provide better access for industry partners to take full advantage of the extraordinary benefits of these services.

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