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GSA releases MAS Solicitation Refresh # 21, Mass Modification A883

The General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) issued Refresh # 21 and the associated Mass Modification A883 for the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Solicitation 47QSMD20R0001.

Outlined below are the changes associated with Refresh # 21:

A: Changes to Overall MAS Solicitation:

  1. Implement minor revision to SCP-FSS-001 Instructions Applicable to All Offerors
  2. Add note to clause 552.238-83, EXAMINATION OF RECORDS BY GSA (FEDERAL Supply Schedules)
  3. Add note to clause 52.232-36, Payment by Third Party
  4. Add 4 new optional TDR Data Elements (order date, ship date, destination ZIP code, federal customer; see attachments below)
  5. Incorporate clause and provision updates, as necessary, through Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 2024-05 and GSAR Change 179

B: Changes to Specific Large Category, Subcategory or SIN:

  1. All Large Categories:
    • Add Standard “General Information” section – Add language to clearly define the scope of the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Solicitation as it pertains to firearms, live ammunition, explosives, and artillery weapons
  2. Office Management (A):
    • Printing and Photographic Equipment (A10): Revise SIN(s) 333316C – Copiers and Digital Duplicating Equipment; 333316CPC – Cost-per-Copy Plan for Copiers (to include Analog, Digital, Multifunctional and Engineer Copiers); 333316F – Flat Rate Monthly Fee for Copiers (to include Analog, Digital, Multifunctional and Engineer Copiers); 333316OS – Overseas Copiers and Supplies; 532420C – Copier Rental Solutions; 532420LC – Operating Lease Plan For Copiers; 532420LTOP – Lease to Ownership Plans (LTOP) Copier  
  3. Information Technology (F):
    • Electronic Commerce Subcategory (F01): Remove language for SIN 54151ECOM Electronic Commerce and Subscription Services
    • IT Solutions Subcategory (F05): Remove language for SIN 541519ICAM, Revise SIN Instructions for SIN 518210C, Revise “Solutions Subcategory SIN 518210C and Establish New SIN 541519CSP 
  4. Professional Services (H):
    • Identity Protection Services (H04): Revise SIN instructions and the four (4) supplemental proposal documents for SIN 541990IPS – Data Breach Response and Identity Protection
  5. Travel (L):
    • Travel Agent Services (L03): Revise Statement of Works (SOW) for SIN 561510 – Travel Agent Services and associated Price Proposal Template

For more detailed information please refer to the Administrative Notice for MAS Refresh 21 and Mass Modification on GSA Interact as well as the Vendor Support Center (VSC) page for specific information for each recent MAS Solicitation Refresh.


For existing GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contractors, GSA will issue a bilateral modification to apply the changes for Refresh # 21. Contractors will have 90 days to accept the upcoming mass mod. Failure to accept this modification prior to the due date may result in loss of access to GSA eTools and/or cancellation of the subject contract.

If you have any questions on the significant changes or accepting the Mass Mod A883 for Refresh # 21, please contact BH Sky for assistance.

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