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GSA Launches a New Contract Database for Small Businesses

On March, 15th, 2016, the General Services Administration (GSA) launched a new small business database, Forecast of Contracting Opportunities.  This database is just one of the additions GSA has made this year in an effort to reach their overall goal of transparency and to further aid small businesses in obtaining government contracts.  GSA Administrator Denise Turner Roth stated that “This tool focuses on acquisition planning, making vendors aware of opportunities early in the acquisition process.”  With this database, it is GSA’s hope that local economies will flourish as more and more small businesses are presented with opportunities.  Click here to read more of Administrator Roth’s statement and here to view Roth’s introduction to the database video.

Features of the Forecast of Contracting Opportunities Database

While the site is still in beta testing, it currently has upwards of 4,800 opportunities published on the site.  GSA projects that given some time, the number of opportunities will increase.  The database, in its current phase, contains five different categories that can be used to filter through the thousands of opportunities.  The categories consist of: agency, contact award status, NAICS code, and contract value. Combining many of these categories into a filter makes finding the proper opportunities for one’s business that much easier.  For smaller businesses, being able to locate contract opportunities that not only fit the scope of their business but also their size is just one of keys to success in doing business with the government.  To visit the Forecast of Contracting Opportunities Database click here.

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