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GSA Consolidation Benefits to User Agencies, Contractors and GSA

The benefits as a result of the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) consolidation effort include quality improvements that will save time and improve efficiency, reduce acquisition cycle times, and improve terms and conditions for the MAS program.  Benefits for each of the stakeholder groups:

Current and Prospective Schedule Contractors (industry):

  • Currently, contractors may have to propose several Schedule contracts under several solicitations and even establish a Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA) agreement to partner with themselves in order to offer the full breadth of their commercial products and services.  Under the new structure, contractors may propose items under all Special Item Numbers (SINs) through the administration of a single MAS contract.  This will result in increased small business participation across all SINs, increased efficiency in the management of MAS offerings, and a reduction in administrative costs for industry.
  • Currently, opportunities for small business set-aside SINs are identified through the analysis of 24 individual solicitation managers.  Centralized solicitation management will allow for more efficient identification of future opportunities for small business set-aside SINs.
  • Under the new MAS program structure, contractors will have a single contract with a single Contracting Officer (CO).  This approach is more in-line with commercial practices and will result in improved consistency of terms and conditions, an increased efficiency in the management of MAS offerings, and a reduction in administrative costs for industry.

Eligible Users of the MAS program (customers):

  • The Consolidated Schedule will eliminate multiple items from the same company on various contracts.  Consolidation will allow customers to access the full breadth of a contractor’s offerings under a single order.  This will reduce the complexity of placing orders across several different Schedules with varying terms and different MAS CO’s.
  • A new structure for MAS offerings will make products and services easier to find resulting in an increase in the efficiently and effectiveness of market research.  This will increase the ability of customers to procure total solutions under a single order and lead to an overall reduction in acquisition costs.
  • Overlapping SINs for same/similar items being consolidated in the new structure will result in an increase in effective identification of qualified vendors and an increase in competition at the order level.
  • The General Services Administration (GSA) is working to gather, consolidate and standardize terms, conditions, policies and processes governing the administration of the MAS program.  This will result in an improved, standardized and consistent set of policies and procedures resulting in more effective administration of orders and overall reduction in acquisition costs.

Federal Government (GSA):

  • Increased customer and industry satisfaction will lead to an increase in utilization of the program and more effective recovery of costs associated with MAS program administration.
  • Under the new MAS program structure, contractors with a single contract and CO will improve consistent application of terms and conditions, increase efficiency in the management of MAS offerings and reduce administration costs for GSA.
  • As a result of the improved efficiency and reduced level of effort, GSA can more effectively leverage and utilize agency personnel.
  • The overall number of MAS contracts will be reduced while maintaining the currently available supplies and services allowing GSA to manage same vendors while reducing overhead costs.
  • Consolidating the solicitation will allow for a single solicitation management activity which will result in a reduction in overall acquisition costs and an increase in the quality and consistency of the MAS program terms and conditions.
  • A new consolidated solicitation structure will allow more effective training of MAS contracting personnel on a wide variety of commercial supplies and services leading to increase flexibility in the MAS workforce and allow GSA to more effectively manage MAS workload, shifting resources as needed.

Find Out How BH Sky Can Help Your Business Transition to the New GSA Schedules Consolidation Initiative

BH Sky has published several blogs addressing the topic of GSA Schedule Consolidation in 2019.  These blogs are available on our website.  Still have questions on preparing a new Offer under the GSA Consolidated Schedule or transitioning your existing GSA contract?  Contact a GSA Schedule expert today via email or phone 866.468.7420.