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California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS)

California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS) agreements include products and services previously awarded on a base GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract.  California establishes totally independent agreements for the same product and services at equal of lower prices.  CMAS is optional to state and local government agencies.

In order to apply for a new CMAS Agreement, ensure you have a qualifying base schedule, the products and services fit within scope, identify the CMAS Product and Service Codes, review the “CMAS Terms and Conditions” and “Before you Apply Guide”, register your company and complete the CMAS Application with the products/services offered in the CMAS Portal.

More information on California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) Agreements.

BH Sky Associates can help you apply for a new CMAS, assist with quarterly reporting, marketing your CMAS and/or contract management. 

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