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Are You Ready for the GSA Schedules Consolidation?

The Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Transformation Initiative is one of the four Cornerstone initiatives of GSA’s Federal Marketplace (FMP) strategy, GSA’s plan to modernize and simplify the buying and selling experience for customers, suppliers, and acquisition professionals. This initiative seeks to modernize federal acquisition by consolidating 24 Multiple Award Schedules into one single Schedule for products, services and solutions.  This will provide consistency in the program, make it easier for customers to find total solutions under one contract vehicle, ensure terms and conditions meet the needs of customers and eliminate duplicate contracts.

The FMP strategy will streamline processes, increase competition, foster transparency and promote commercial solutions for customer agencies.  Consolidation will streamline the terms and conditions – not just remove duplication but refine and standardize terms and conditions so they are current, accurate, complete and consistent for all contractors.

Consolidation will make it easier to find products and services on Schedules.  Contractors will no longer need to be on multiple Schedules, instead being assigned to appropriate categories on the consolidated Schedule, allowing industry to provide a more comprehensive and solution-oriented offering.

Strategy for GSA Schedules Consolidation

Beginning October 2019, GSA will begin a 3-phase process to consolidate all 24 GSA MAS Schedules into one Schedule.

      Phase 1 – Develop the New Schedule

The new consolidated solicitation will be developed and released on Oct 1st, 2019.  Every term and condition will be reviewed for consistency between acquisition centers and workforce. No new terms and conditions will be created, obsolete clauses removed, and clauses updated.  GSA will review duplicate Special Item Numbers (SIN) across current schedules and consolidate as well as update the associated NAICS within each SIN. GSA will be using Category Management to better organize products and services offered.

      Phase 2 – Mass Modification

All existing MAS contracts will receive a mass modification to update terms, conditions and clauses to be consistent with the new Schedule in January 2020. No new language will be created.  All GSA Contractors will retain their current contract number and awarded items, warranty, pricing and contract end date will remain the same. Existing Schedules will be closed to new Offers.  SIN mapping will change to the new structure. After the mass modification is accepted, your contract will open up to additional Special Item Numbers that you previously did not have access to. This phase is anticipated to run through July 2020.

    Phase 3 – Multiple Contract Consolidation

Starting in August 2020, GSA will reach out to Contractors with more than one contract, not due to a follow-on contract.  GSA will begin to close duplicate contracts and add items to the surviving contract in 2020 and beyond. GSA will handle on a case-by-case basis to work on a plan to consolidate multiple contracts to one that will take into consideration BPA’s in place.  The current Contract will stay alive while BPA’s are in place. Contract options and terms will be discussed for each unique situation. Phase 3 will take several years to complete.

Additional information and resources are provided by GSA at GSA Interact and a recorded GSA webinar.

Find Out How BH Sky Can Help Your Business Transition to the New GSA Schedules Consolidation Initiative

Check out the BH Sky blog GSA Schedules Consolidation FAQ’s.  You can also contact a GSA Schedule Specialist at BH Sky via email or phone 866.468.7420.